30 octubre 2013

October 27, 1956

24 octubre 2013

The Chiffons, The Big Jamboree, Earth Angels en Santiago de Compostela el 26 de octubre de 2013 (Outono Códax Festival)

The Chiffons regresan a Europa, ellas integran uno de los girls groups más legendarios de los 60. Con ellas subirán al escenario de la Capitol The Big Jamboree, un espectáculo de virtuosismo musical que traslada al público a una vieja sala de los años 40, finalmente acturán Earth Angels con su inigualable Doo Wop


Además habrá un stand con objetos de la Sun Records a la venta

One Fine Day - The Chiffons

So Real - The Earth Angels

Clattering Love - The Big Jamboree

23 octubre 2013

Ava Gardner

22 octubre 2013


21 octubre 2013


20 octubre 2013

Chuck Berry, at Moscow, now!

(Fernando Oscar Collection)


October 20, 1955 Cleveland

19 octubre 2013

Patsy Cline with Marvin Carroll ~ Washington DC, 1956 [Demo]

Austrian boy receives new shoes during WWII

Harold Dorman - Mountain of Love (1959)

 Roland Janes played on and produced ''Mountain Of Love'' 

18 octubre 2013

RIP Roland Janes

During the 50´s, Sun Records guitarist and longtime Phillips Recording engineer, Roland Janes who had played with most of the Sun Records´artists except Elvis Presley, passed away this afternoon at Methodist Hospital in Memphis 

 Along with Scotty Moore and Carl Perkins, Janes developed the rockabilly guitar style at Sun Records.  He was the guitarist whose solos on ''Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On'', ''High School Confidential'', and countless other Sun records are engrained in our collective memory. His work ran the gamut from the tasteful and economical little solo on the bridge of ''Raunchy'' to the deliriously over-the-top intro to Billy Riley's ''Flying Saucers Rock And Roll''. He played on and produced Harold Dorman's ''Mountain Of Love'', and issued it on a label he co-owned. As a producer, he recorded Travis Wammack's ''Scratchy'', Mat Lucas's ''I'm Movin' On'', and Jerry Jaye's ''My Girl Josephine'', all of them among the best records to come out of Memphis in the early to mid 1960s 

I met Roland in February at the Sam Phillips International Co. He was a  polite and kind man, he talked very well about Elvis and he dedicated a beautiful song about a Spanish lady. I will never forget the special conversations with him. R.I.P. Roland.

July 1959 - Wildwood, N.J. Jerry  Lee Lewis and Roland Janes   

L-R: Jerry Lee Lewis, J.M. Van Eaton, and Roland Janes

 Jerry Lee Lewis, a friend and Roland Janes   

17 octubre 2013

16 octubre 2013

Roy Rogers


Guggenheim in the morning

Guggenheim in the night

14 octubre 2013

Coca Cola


13 octubre 2013

Dodge, 1958

Howlin' Wolf - My Troubles and Me