26 mayo 2013

Debbie Reynolds

Eddy Arnold helps his daughter, JoAnn, spin a few of Daddy's records (Owen Bradley´s Quonset Hut Collection)

Royce Porter

Buddy Holly

Dobber Johnson-fiddle, Sonny Harville - fiddle. The singer is David Houston (Johnny Wessler Collection)

Black Jack Wayne & Johnny Cash in Dream Bowl Napa, California



Elmore James

Chevrolet, 1955

Elvis Presley

Carl Smith on stage at De Marco's 23 Club in California, late 1950s

Sid King & The 5 Strings

Eddie Cochran

Sun Records

Jack Daniel´s

Terry Moore, Mitzi Gaynor, Pier Angeli, Leslie Caron & Julia Adams - 1951 Publicity Photo

Elvis Presley


Larry Williams, 1957

Holiday Inn, Memphis TN x

Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, Bobby Collins 23 Club, Brisbane CA


Bobby Darin-Splish Splash

25 mayo 2013