30 junio 2012

Bobby Rydell

We Got Love

I Dig Girls

Bobby Rydell

Capitol Tower. Hollywood, 1957

Ernie Chaffin


Elvis Presley, 1956

No task is impossible especially with a few of your friends around. Cinderella

Walter Louis Hank "Sugarfoot" Garland

 (Hank Garland family Collection)


Vince Taylor

Be careful if you go to the beach

Connie Francis


June 30, 1958



50´s Summer

Gene Tierney

Ballroom - Cotton Club ~ Memphis


Rockin´and Rollin´

June 30th 1956 Elvis at The Mosque Theatre in Richmond - Virginia

Grandpa Jones

Ricky Nelson


25 people are hospitalized after a melee at a Bill Haley concert in Asbury Park, New Jersey - June 30, 1956

Mr. Guitar ~ Chester Burton "Chet" Atkins (June 20, 1924 – June 30, 2001)

Rosemary Clooney ( May 23, 1928 - June 29, 2002)

29 junio 2012

Happy Birthday Glenn Douglas Tubb!

Cruisin in the 50's

Hank holding Lycrecia

Fri. June 29, 1956 in NYC

June 29, 1956 Elvis and his party took a chartered plane to Charlotte, North Carolina, where they caught a Delta flight to New York City, where Elvis was fitted for a tux, for the rehearsal for the Steve Allen Show. After that Elvis took a train to Richmond, VA.

Elvis Presley at the rehearsal hall for The Steve Allen Show on Fri. June 29, 1956 in NYC

The tux fitting for the ill-fated Steve Allen Show appearance

                 Skitch Henderson, Elvis Presley: Hudson Theater, New York, NY, Friday, June 29, 1956

       Elvis’ feet.  He is wearing his tuxedo outfit for the Steve Allen show


June 29, 1956 Johnny Ray records Just Walkin In The Rain

June 29, 1957 Buddy Holly records Peggy Sue

Happy Birthday Leonard Lee!