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Elvis Presley


27 mayo 2012

Debra Paget

Pablo Picasso as Popeye, photo by André Villers, 1957

University of Dayton Fieldhouse. Dayton, Ohio. May 27, 1956

May 27, 1955 - Scotty, Elvis and Bill in Texarkana, Arkansas

Tommy Hill, Bobby Garrett and Billy Harlan (cropped). Front row, Leo Jackson, Bonnie Brown, Jim Ed Brown, Maxine Brown´s Husband. Back row, Hank Locklin, Louie Dunn, Jim Reeves, Mary Reeves, their guide, Janis Martin, Maxine Brown and Del Wood. (Bill Harlan Collection)


Dion DiMucci

Elvis Presley

May 27, 1957---Toronto radio station CHUM went to a Top 40 format and published its first hit record chart 50 years ago today, in 1957. The No. 1 song was Elvis Presley’s All Shook Up. Top Ten today was as follows. 1. All Shook Up Elvis Presley, 2. Love Letters In The Sand Pat Boone, 3. I Like Your Kind of Love Andy Williams, 4. Bye Bye Love The Everly Brothers, 5. Start Movin' (In My Direction) Sal Mineo, 6. Dark Moon Gale Storm, 7. A White Sport Coat (And a Pink Carnation) Marty Robbins, 8. Fabulous Charlie Gracie, 9. The Girl with the Golden Braids Perry Como, 10. Yes Tonight, Josephine Johnnie Ray


26 mayo 2012

Union Ave.

Bob Luman and The Shadows, Carnival Rock set, 1957

From left to right, Harold Bradley,the late Buddy Harman, Kelso Herston, Millie Kirkham (Courtesy of Kelso Herston)

Gene Vincent


Always remembered, Onie Wheeler

Lynn Fautheree

‎1956 Baseball Mascots

Too Young To Go Steady


Bill Haley

May 56