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Early Elvis

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Little Richard

Living the 50´s

Sam Cooke appears on the Ed Sullivan show on Dec. 1, 1957

Rebel Without a Cause

Mitchell Torok

Pledge of Love (1957)

Carl Mann in the 50´s with Eddie Bush

(Carl Mann Collection)

Eddie Bush ~ Hey Baby Doll (Eddie Bush vocal/guitar, Robert Oastvail on bass, WS Holland on drums, Carl Mann on piano)

Tommy Blake

Folding Money (1959)

Roy Orbison

Hank & Hankie

Gene Vincent


Buddy Holly

Route 66

Elvis, Hawaii, 1957

Gene Vincent

Feb. 17, 1958

Sonny Burgess

Sonny Burgess and his pal Lawrence Craft at the Germersheim Kaserne in Germany, 1952